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    Newbie needs help with remote updating
    Howdy folks

    I've inherited an online community that is running MAC OS X Server 10.4.11 build 8S169 and vB 3.6.8. It is in dire need of updating, and in order to update the forums I have to update the OS.

    I have zero experience with MAC so I need some help here.

    #1 Will the $29 Snow Leopard disc update the OS? Or do I need to get something else?

    #2 The server is in another state so I need to update remotely (hopefully). How would this be done? IE can I download the update and place it in it's proper folder on the server and then run a command line (or series of)?

    #3 Does the update come with PHP and MYSQL? If so which versions?

    #4 Do I need to provide more information to get the answers to my questions

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    Newbie needs help with remote updating
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    I'll answer #1 and let others who have more experience attempt to answer the remainder of your questions.

    A $29 Snow Leopard upgrade DVD is not going to work. You'll need the full version of Snow Leopard Server. It's $499.00. LINK

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    Newbie needs help with remote updating
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    # 4. Yes.

    What model is the machine, is it PPC or Intel?
    Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Yes it is powerpc

    Do I have to buy 10.6 or can I buy 10.5 for less $$ ?

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    Newbie needs help with remote updating
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    You won't be able to use 10.6 on a PowerPC computer. It will have to be Leopard.
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