I use Mail. Yesterday I sent somebody an e-mail with a 'Writer' attachment contained in the body of the e-mail.

Below the attachment I wrote something in answer to a question, signed off and sent it.

The recipient's reply showed that he hadn't received the text below the attachment, as was evident from the body of his e-mail. I checked that it was in the original.

Does this mean that text shouldn't be put below an attachment or is the fault at the recipient's end?

As an addendum does anybody have any thoughts on how best to encrypt information in an e-mail so that it can only be read with a password. For example if it was sent as an attachment in a zipped folder is it possible to require unzipping to be done with a password?

I note that Winzip now offer a Mac version. The only benefit that I can see from that would be Winzip's encryption facility.