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Thread: Magic Trackpad

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    Magic Trackpad
    Iím having sort of an odd problem that I was hoping one of the forum gurus might be able to help out with.

    I am running snow leopard 10.6.7 and recently installed a magic trackpad with no issues whatsoever. Unfortunately, I deleted it from my list of Bluetooth devices and now I canít seem to get it back. It just doesnít find it anymore.

    Any suggestions or tricks to get this back on the mac?

    Thanks for your help,


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    First the stupid thing. Check that the batteries are not flat. ( you wont be the first !)

    Ensure that Discoverable is ticked under the Bluetooth option. Now turn off the Trackpad , wait about a minute and then switch it on again. Hopefully it should now be found. If it still doesn't connect open sys prefs and select Bluetooth. From the dialogue box select advanced and ensure Open Bluetooth setup assistant is ticked. Also get to scan for Bluetooth conections

    If that fails all I can suggest is to try it on a second suitable Mac. If that fails it may be a device problem

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    Funny enough...

    So, the batteries were fine; however, your suggestion to power it off did the trick. As I don't know how to power it off I simply removed the batteries for a minute and on replacing them it was found in the detection process.

    Thanks 1,000,000 for responding.


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    To power off simply hold the on button for about 5 seconds ( Until the little green light goes off).

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