OS X Lion Desktop and Server are about to be released at this writing. As I look through the features in the now very affordable server edition, I see that it has a lot of features that I have implemented on my current system with a handful of freeware and paid software packages (FTP, VPN, VNC, e-mail, cross-platform file sharing, SSL, Web server, SSH, etc.). I realize some of these come with the desktop version, but the features are poor in some cases. So I'm wondering if I should get the server edition this time.

In short:
1) Does the server version exhibit the same general performance as the desktop version, or is it noticeably slower (or faster, perhaps, since I have all these other packages running anyway)?
2) Do server edition updates come out concurrently with desktop updates, or are they on separate schedules?
3) Is there a significantly increased risk of compatibility problems with 3rd party software if I go with the server edition?

These are my chief concerns. All input is welcome.