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    Exclamation HELP! Restore iPhoto Library for Time Machine!
    I desperately need to restore my iPhoto library from my external hard drive - I backed it up using Time Machine. I have tried to navigate to it directly by accessing the external hard drive in 'Finder' and it won't open iPhoto. I also tried to go through 'Time Machine' and again I can't open the application. I have no idea where it would have stored the photos as far as folder structure - any ideas?

    I have all of my photos of my baby on this - I HAVE to restore it!!!!!

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    HELP! Restore iPhoto Library for Time Machine!

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    I just recently reinstalled everything from my Time Machine hard drive. I copied the iPhoto Library back to the main hard drive after finding them using the Finder. The folders I opened are as follows:

    >a folder titled with the name of my computer
    >a folder titled with my user account name
    >iPhoto Library

    Once copied over I opened it using Iphoto and all photos were restored.

    I'm currently using iPhoto 9.1, with Mac OS X 10.6.7.

    Hopefully this helps and you get those photos back.


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