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    How to change this?
    I was wondering how to change the "fernzyboy10" because it was an old email that I used and I don't really like it now. Nor did I when I used the email address.
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    What you are showing there is your user account name. I would not advise changing it. Unless it's really bothering you in which case I'd advise creating a new user account with the new name you want. You might find that annoying too since you may be copying some files around and customizing your settings again. Whether I advise editing your user name really depends on your level of experience and your tolerance for things going terribly awry.

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    How to change this?
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    Chuck is correct as to the best method for most. It can be done, but not something to go messing around with lightly.

    I would encourage you not to even think about it without a current backup.

    Here is the kb article for it. Read it, understand it, before you start.
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    With all due respect, those instructions in the kb seem fairly simple for even a novice user. I don't see how it could go "terribly awry". Am I missing something?

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    With solid instructions in most cases you are okay but sometimes changing user accounts can have other implications, especially if you are in a networked environment and sharing resources. The KB article really only shows you how to resurrect your home folder with a new account name. It will not fix other issues you might run into later.

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