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    Does upgrade need cd-drive?

    I have the most redicular problem. I have OS X 10.5 and i got 10.6 in the box when it was new but I... don't know why I upgraded than. But i did'nt. So, at tha writing moment i want to do it and i understand that it is possible to upgrade without formatting. (Any "think of this" about that?).

    My REAL problem is that my optical device has gone mad. It does not accept any discs and just spits them out. So, i have ordered a usb dvd drive but i wonder if i can put this disc in another computer, make a image of it and mount it on this one. I guess it will fail totaly if it is like winblows where it reebots 373 times and reads from the optical device every time here. Or is it sofisticated, reads the disc ONCE in OS X, gets the info it wants and then reboots and has upgraded? Does it need the disc in the optical device for this?

    And another question, is there any (would lofe if free) program for mac do to an image of the whole disc that i can restore if the upgrade/installation fails?

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    Does upgrade need cd-drive?
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    Ouch..that hurt to read..

    Anyway..if you want to upgrade from 10.5 to 10.6, you'll want to use the CD and for that you'll need a CD-Drive..if yours is broken, wait for your USB version to come and use that to upgrade.

    You can do the upgrade from 10.5 to 10.6 without reformatting your HD and that will ensure that you don't lose any of your data.

    Before doing the upgrade, however, do backup your vital data..


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