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Thread: Brower help

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    Brower help
    After I downloaded firefox 3 I have been unable to open either firefox or safari on my macbook, both applications time out.
    Any ideas???

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    Brower help
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    What do you mean by time out?
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    browser help
    Firefox tries to open, does not and has the error message "cannot connect, session timed out". Safari does the same thing but the message is "could not open because the server is not responding". When I use an old version of Firefox ( it connects me to the internet.

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    Brower help
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    So the applications are opening but having a hard time accessing website. This has more to do with your Internet connection than the programs..


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    Brower help
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    Have you changed any of your network settings lately (on either your router or your Mac)? Have you tried alternative DNS servers? Try changing your DNS settings to see if they are the problem. You can use OpenDNS (instructions here). If that works, it's a DNS issue.
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    Thanks but no luck with the DNS configuration. The connection was fine till I downloaded the most recent version of Firefox, now it only works with a 3 year old version, not even with the previous version I was running yesterday.

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