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    R there 2 types of sleep mode
    I have a brand new 27' Imac with the latest software updates.

    When I leave the mac for and hour or 2 and touch the keyboard it comes to life almost immediately. (Just like my previous imac)

    However when leaving the iMac overnight it needs to boot up from scratch, (ie grey screen and apple logo) exactly the same as if it were shut down only difference is that touching the keyboard starts the boot up sequence and it is not necessary to turn it on at the back switch.

    Is this correct?

    Thanks Antony

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    R there 2 types of sleep mode
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    There are two different sleep modes, yes...

    Sleep mode basically just uses enough power to keep the contents of memory intact. The machine wakes nearly instantly when you go to use it.

    Safe Sleep mode is kind of like "Hibernate" in Windows. That is, the entire content of memory is saved to the hard drive so that the machine can power down completely - then, later power on and resume where you left off. It does not wake instantly, in fact, typically you'll see the gray Apple logo screen - and it requires that you press the power button.

    But I doubt that's what is happening here as it really sounds like your machine is shutting down after an extended period. Have you checked your Energy Saver Preferences?
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    Energy Saver Preferences are set to default, where do you set the safe sleep


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    the apple store reset my P Ram, what is this and could this have an effect. Safe sleep seems only for a portable. I have an Imac

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