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    ereader ghost files on transfer
    hi all

    can you help here/.,, my macbook Pro,when i download an epub file from it to and ereader(linux) gives 2 files..the main one and a similar ghost file of 4kbie 2 files instead of one when similar exercise done with windows os.
    annoying having to remove ghost files all the time..

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    ereader ghost files on transfer

    when i transfer an ereader epub file to an ereader,via usb lead or direct to an sd card,then to reader..i get two files showing instead of one.
    the second file cannot be opened by the ereader and is only 4kb in size...any idea of cause of ghost file,and/or solution?

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    ereader ghost files on transfer
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    The second transfer to the reader should be from the library, not the SD card. You are probably only getting a 'shell' file.

    Try here for more info.

    MobileRead Forums

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    ereader ghost files on transfer
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