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    Time Machine couldnt work!! how to go back in time??
    hi I had a very big problem that I really need someone to help pls..

    yesterday by an idiot action, I open the finder and then in the left side I delete all the content of the folder All Document, then empty the trash (I though I'll add free Giga bite to the hard disk) then I delete the content of all video and all image !!!!!(but these two folders I kept them in external hard disk now but i dont know where to get them back because they are from different folders and places you know).

    after that I found that I ****ed up my mac

    I tried to click in Time machine to see if I can go back in time one day before, but the time machine dont work either!!!!! even tried with write click >> enter time machine, but nothing happened.. I look for some tutorials but, I saw how to get back some delete file or pic, my problem is i dont know what exactly is missing in all computer folders, so i need to get back the computer for one day back with everything, this is first
    the second as i said the time machine is not working !!!

    pls any help if possible instead to format all the computer and i have thousands of programs (which some of them not work now actually after that)

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    Time Machine couldnt work!! how to go back in time??
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    If you have been making Time Machine backups to your external drive, and as long as it's attached (mounted), you should be able to click on the Time Machine icon (top menu bar or System Preferences, Time Machine). Time Machine should open and show you the dates of the backups it made.

    Just select a date prior to accidentally deleting those files and then restore. You can restore the entire backup or selectively choose those folders you wish.

    If Time Machine is not working for some reason, there's no way you can get those files or folders back easily. It will require special software. Also, you don't want to continue using the machine for fear of overwriting deleted files and folders. If you overwrite them, they're gone forever.

    Let us know.

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