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    Brother HL2170W printing issues in SL10.6.3:works on MB but not on MBP

    I have a Brother HL-2170W wireless printer which currently works perfectly from a MacBook (OSX 10.6.3) but on my Macbook Pro with the same OS a recent driver update has made the printer totally inaccessible - It can be seen by Bonjour but when any print jobs are sent to the printer it times out. It's internal webserver which is accessible by the MacBook does not work on the MBP. I have deleted the printer and re-added with no luck. I've also reset the printer system and deleted the Brother drivers but nothing seems to work...Is it possible to downgrade drivers?

    MacBook: OSX 10.6.3 printer driver 1.42
    MBP: OSX 10.6.3 printer driver 1.43
    The printer is connected wireless to a TimeCapsule

    Thanks for any advice as this has been driving me crazy....

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    I have a similar problem after upgrading to OS 10.8.3. Hardwired to my Brother HL-2170W, I can print from my Word docs, but not from my broser, Chrome.

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