I have found out more about Apple in the past week than in the last 18 months

Can you remember when you first bought your brand new Mac and you were so excited to get out the apple shop that you forgot all about the really nice sales person telling you to download the latest software... and then set it so that it automatically alerts you each day, or when you want it to.

Well that was 18 months ago and just recently I have had major issues with freezing, crashing, etc etc.

Now tel here, knew that all he had to do... was install the discs, start it up again and away he went. Eer slight problem, Tel pressed all the wrong buttons and eerrrr, well lets just say that I am getting to know about my mac and what you do and don't do.

I suppose what doesn't really help, is when you are told that you can't break them and to some degree you can't, what I did was take liberties, you know like not ask questions and not use Google and forums like this one to find out what NOT TO DO.

So I now check for updates EVERYDAY, although you don't have to, but I just want to get in the habit so it becomes second nature and I don't have to repeat all that I have just done.

All the best