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    Talking Create New Admin, Reset Old Admin Account Password
    How to change a lost password on admin account

    First, Create a New Admin Account:
    Insert Snow Leopard disc.
    Turn computer on.
    Press & hold Command key & 'S' key.
    Release keys when a black screen with white print comes up.
    When the print stops, type: /sbin/mount -uaw (spaces are intentional)
    Press enter.
    Type: rm /var/db/.applesetupdone (spaces are intentional)
    Press enter.
    Type: reboot
    Press enter.

    You will have access to an area to create a new admin account.

    Sign on to new admin account.
    Click on the apple in the top left corner.
    Click on System Preferences.
    Click on Accounts.
    Click on lock to unlock so changes can be made.
    Enter new admin password to approve changes being made.
    Click on old admin account.
    Click on Password.
    Click on Reset Password.
    Enter new password. (Does not ask for old or current password.)
    Re-enter password to verify.
    Enter password hint.
    Click Reset Password.
    Click on lock so information will be secured.

    Sign off of new admin.
    Sign on to old admin with new password.
    Check if all your info, documents, bookmarks, are there.
    (All my stuff was there.)

    Next, and last:
    Go to the list of users.
    Delete new admin if you want.

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    Create New Admin, Reset Old Admin Account Password
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    Hi Linda Welcome to the Forum. Seems simpler to just pop in the Install disc, boot off that and once past the language selection go to drop down menu and select Passwords and put in a new admin password there.

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    Hi, this certainly sounds very simple, but please bear with me as i'm in my late 70's. I understand about popping in the Install disc, but the "boot off that" has me a bit confused. Once past the language selection where do I look for the drop down menu. Some of them can hide very nicely.

    I can just about hear everyone laughing, but that's OK. I've tried so hard to fix this thing, which is really driving me up the wall. Many thanks.

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    Create New Admin, Reset Old Admin Account Password

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    Put in your install disc.
    Restart your Mac.
    As soon as you hear the chime, hold the 'C' key down and release it once you see the spinning gear.
    Select language and click next.
    Wait a couple of seconds and a menu bar will appear at the top of the screen.
    Go to Utilities in that menu bar, and select reset password.
    Put in your new password, confirm password, put in your password hint and you are done.

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