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    Applying a theme
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    If I apply any theme to said Mac X 10.2.3, then upgrade to 10.2.4. Would I loose the theme and would I need to re-apply? I know in some cases if you alter the operating system, an update may over write some of the altered files.
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    Applying a theme
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    I didn't have that problem. There are some issues with 10.2.4 though:

    "I've tried a couple of themes in 10.2.4. They seem to work fine. The only problem I had was that ThemeChanger would apply an old Aqua backup when I switch between them. So I recommend that before you upgrade to 10.2.4 you should restore Aqua.

    - If you use ThemeChanger, choose "Restore Aqua" and then "Remove Aqua backup" from the File menu.
    - If you use Duality, you should switch to "Aqua/Turn Duality Off".

    When the 10.2.4 install is complete and you have restarted you can reapply the theme again."

    - Max Rudberg (

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    how do I install a theme to my mac?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoomie
    how do I install a theme to my mac?
    You can download themes from a lot of different's some that I have used:

    Once you download some themes, you can use a program such as Duality 4 GT to choose between the themes you've downloaded. I think you can get Duality from:

    Have fun!

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