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    Unhappy New MBP w/ OS X no longer connecting to home wireless network
    Hello all,

    I'm a proud new owner of a 15" MBP. I LOVE this laptop! A Windows user all my life, this is my first Apple computer. It's taking some getting used to, but I guess I'm pretty tech saavy and am getting the hang of things.

    My MBP was delivered to my house from Apple on Friday. I got it out of the box, started it up, and was then presented with the task of connecting the machine to wireless internet. I'd purchased a Linksys Wireless-N-Home Router (WRT120N) from Staples a few days earlier, and had just set it up by creating a network from my home Verizon broadband router. After a few failed attempts at connecting my MBP to the network, I realized I needed to 1. Disable McAfee's Internet & Network firewall protection on my Windows 7 desktop, and 2. Enter the KEY on my MBP instead of the password I'd created along with my home network name and key. I did these two things and voila!, I was free to surf away.

    I was connected to my new network all of Friday night (during a huge snowstorm that left 15" of snow) and Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon, I began transferring my documents and music onto my MBP using data CD-ROMs I had burned. Once I got everything onto my MBP, I realized all of my documents were read-only, and I couldn't modify them. I figured out how to change the permissions to read & write, and I did this by changing the permissions on the entire Macintosh HD drive, which is where all of my files are. There's no way I could change each file individually.

    After changing the permissions and rebooting, my MBP would not move past the grey screen w/ the Apple logo and spinning wheel (I'm talking 15 minutes and it still hadn't gone anywhere). After Googling how to fix this problem, I inserted the OS X boot CD and used Disk Utility to repair permissions. This enabled me to boot my MBP in less than a minute as it had previously done.

    However, since all of that has occurred, I haven't been able to connect to the wireless network I've created (or any for that matter, as they're all password protected). I've tried a lot of different things that I've found on Google (even deleting the passwords from the Keychain thing and the System Configuration files from the Home Directory Library), but haven't had any luck. Airport keeps telling me "Connection has timed out" or "invalid password" when I know it's the right password, since I just set it up myself on Friday and created the passwords.

    The point is, it was working flawlessly and now it's not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I feel like it has something to do with me changing the permissions on all of the files I transferred to my MBP from my Windows 7 desktop, but I could be wrong. I've tried everything, and now I'm here hoping someone can help. Since my MBP is new, I could just reinstall OS X, but I really don't want to transfer all of my files and music to it again--it took forever.

    I feel like it is DEFINITELY not my wireless router causing this problem, but if anyone feels differently, please give me some advice. I'm really hoping someone will be able to help!

    Thank you.

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    Just wanted to let anyone know who may be experiencing this same problem...

    To solve it, I changed my wireless security strength to WEP and I was able to log on to my wireless network from my MBP using the new password. I then changed the security strength back to WPA2 with my old password, entered that into Airport, and the connection is working again on my MBP.

    Looks like I was wrong about it NOT being a problem with my router! So if you're experiencing problems connecting to your home wireless network, try changing the security on your router if you haven't already done so. Hope it works for you.

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