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    srm of Trash from Terminal -- can't see directories
    I have a bunch of stuff in my Trash that I want to empty from the terminal. But when I go to the .Trash directory, I can't see anything, only /. and /.. Can someone tell me why I can't see all the directories that I have in my Trash folder?

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    srm of Trash from Terminal -- can't see directories

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    If they're on different volumes, they won't be in the .Trash folder in your home folder. They'll be in the separate .Trash folders on those volumes.

    Any particular reason you're looking at the Trash from the terminal?

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    Actually I didn't realize that -- it is in fact, if I'm reading it correctly, in the Trashes on my backupdrive (My usb flash drive). I didn't know there was a Trash in it -- or if not, why does it say Trash?

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