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    Question Problem with preview
    Hi there
    New to the forum and a new mac user as well

    I've started to get a problem with preview.

    I use Royal Mail's online postage.

    At first when I had completed a purchase when I clicked on the option 'View label to print' the Preview window would open as well as the pdf file downloading to the desktop.
    I would do a dozen purchases and then print from individual preview windows.

    Now, for the last couple of days, the preview window doesn't open automatically when I click 'view the label', but the file still appears on the desktop.
    I know I only have to click on the downloaded file to open it, but I want to know why the preview window isn't opening anymore.

    I did update to 10.6.2 the day it came out, but I really can't remember if the problem arose the next time I printed of postage or if it was a day or two later.
    I think the problem started maybe Friday or Saturday (when was the update released?)

    Thanks in advance for your help


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    Did some googling and found that the problem was to do with my browser settings (FF).
    Don't know how they managed to get changed though.
    I just had to change the application settings in the browser to open with Preview and not to save as a file.
    Easy when you know how eh!

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    Problem with preview
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