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    Safari, Firefox cannot establish secure connection to google, yahoo
    Since a few days I cannot login to sites like igoogle, gmail and yahoo anymore, from both Safari and Firefox. It doesn't work on the family account I have created, but it *does* work on the admin account.

    After searching for hours I am now convinced that this problem has something to do with an expired certificate. I found an article on Apple support (Mac OS X 10.4 Help: Why isn't a certificate being accepted?) and followed it up, however to no avail. I have tried to add 'X509' to my keychain, and have downloaded and installed new thawte certs. Nothing works. When I check and repair my keychain it stops (unexpected error) and also I cannot reset my keychain (cannot find keychain).

    Does anybody know the solution to this problem?
    How can I completely reset my keychain?
    Can I copy it from the working user account to the faulty one?

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    SOLVED: Determined that Parental Controls was enabled but not configured for the non-admin user. Disabled Parental Controls and that fixed the problem after logging out and back on.

    Credits to stottmj. Link to the original article: Safari secure connection [Archive] - The macosxhints Forums

    Very hard to find a solution to this nasty problem. Nobody answering my questions. Found many similar questions from other people having the same problem, their problems also remained unanswered.

    I really really don't know why parental controls should have anything to do with access to encrypted sites. The only thing I can think of is, because it is encrypted it cannot determine the contents and thus decides to not show it, as a sort of safety default? I don't know a lot about encryption technologies, but if that's the reason I would appreciate Safari to provide a more clear / the correct error message on the screen.

    Anybody who can shed a bit of light on this question? Also, this solution isn't really a solution but merely a workaround for anybody needing parentals controls...

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