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    NTFS Format, now the computer won't recognize the HD?
    I was trying to install Windows XP on my mac laptop. I ran boot camp and it told me to create a partition for windows. So I did that then inserted the XP disk and began to install XP.

    Except, XP told me to choose where to install it. There was only one option and I assumed that would be the partition I just created. When I chose that one it told me that it wasn't formatted properly so I must format it now. At that point I had some weird feeling that something might be wrong but stupidly I didn't listen. I looked at the partition's info and it said,"131702 MB available (131701MB free)". I figured then that this couldn't be the part that my Mac OS was on because according to that information there was only 1 MB used.

    So I told it to format it and it turned out it DID format my main HD (surprise surprise). But when I tried to reinstall the Mac OS, it told me to choose the HD to install it on but there wasn't anything there. It couldn't find my HD.

    Now I've looked online and found people had this problem and I followed their various solution but none of them work for me because..

    >>>>((CRUCIAL PART! PLEASE READ even if you're not going to read anything else!))
    Their solutions DON'T work for me because I CANNOT erase the HD. I can't reformat it. The instruction on the "Erase" tab tell me to "Specify a format and name" but I cannot. EVERYTHING is grey: meaning I can't input any information or change any information. <<<<<

    Has anyone experienced this? Anyone know what to do?

    This is the link where they talk about this problem and its solution: I can't Install Mac Leopard , Plz Help Pathetically enough that was the most helpful thing I found.

    I have:
    Mac OS X 10.4.7 Leopard

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    NTFS Format, now the computer won't recognize the HD?
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    Follow those specific directions.

    BootCamp no longer works in Tiger. If you want BootCamp, you'll need to upgrade to Leopard.
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