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    AppleScript with Flash Question

    Alright, I'm on a quest to write a program in applescript.

    But I need to know why this certain thing happens in OS X in order for me to continue.

    When you are watching a flash movie in Safari, and then you click the desktop (so Safari is no longer selected) you can still see the flash movie, but it slows down to about 1/2 of the playing speed. Does anyone know why this happens?

    I'm trying to write a program that will actually slow down a flash movie while playing on purpose, but I don't have a good starting point. Can someone tell me why Safari does this?

    Is it a bug, or is it on purpose ?


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    Now this is an interesting question indeed...why would this happen? I've come to my own conclusions about that one (prosessor wanting to be saved, etc) but I have no finite answers. There is, however, a program out there that slows down flash thingys so if you have a slow computer, you can see the whole thing w/o it skipping. I'm pretty sure it's for windows though...and that it was just randomly on the internet. If you find out an answer to this, I'd be curious.

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    AppleScript with Flash Question
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    actually I would be currious to know that answer too.
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    AppleScript with Flash Question
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    the majority of responses online have been that Flash player engine on OS X is sub-par to that on windows. it doesnt seem to be a malloc problem that is usually the culprit with laggy software, but rather a CPU hogging problem. my guess is that the plugin for Safari isnt made very well, in contrast to it being Safari/OS X processing.

    online hear-say isnt always as reliable as one would hope. but i think O'Reileys Flash Hacks "100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools" would be a good resource for you.

    (click image for link)

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