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    Kernel_task memory draw

    I am using a fairly new MBP (4 GB ram, 2.4 GHZ Core 2 duo).

    I have a question about the kernel_task memory draw, which I haven't been able to resolve from the various posts I have seen on the topic: namely, what sort of real memory usage is normal?

    I ask because, as I write this, I have only Firefox 3.5.1 open and the System monitor, but kernel_task is drawing 207.67 BM of real memory, and 1.97 GB of virtual.

    Is that normal, or is it bloated? If bloated, what can I do to bring it down?

    I am concerned about it because I have to do a fair amount of work in an XP virtual machine running on VMWare fusion (not currently running), so things might get unduly slowed up if there is something going on with kernel_task that isn't right.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Perfect normal behavior. My MBP 4.00 GB behaves exacty this way. My wife´s MB white 1.00 GB uses lot less memory for the kernel task. BL: mac os x tries to use the available memory in order to improve speed, responsiveness, etc.

    regards, amigo

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