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    Anonymous Internet Surfing

    Is there anyway or software that hides your IP address when surfing the net.
    My friend with a PC claims it's really easy on his!!!

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    Yes and no. You can go through an anonymous proxy, which will obfuscate your address from the locations you are surfing. It is not really hiding your address though, just making it inaccessable from the endpoint. Mostly it is useful in the other direction though, where you want to hide your destination from the local network to bypass site restrictions.

    EDIT: Note that this is the same regardless or OS involved. IP spoofing, proxies, bouncing, are all done the same way regardless of OS. Certain tricks (such as changing the MAC) are easier on some operating systems but the mechanics of it are the same.

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    Thanks for that!
    I was hoping there might be a piece of software that you click the button 'Hide IP Address' and hey presto, your surfing anonymously!
    Is there a step by step guide anywhere for setting up IP spoofing etc?

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    Not that I know of... Why do you feel the need? It is not a thing needed most of the time and is not helpful from a security standpoint.

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    No particular reason! Just the usual Mac V's PC thing. I was convinced it would be easier on a mac. I guess the PC wins! Oh well you win some you lose some.

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    Anonymous Internet Surfing
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