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    opening ISO/HFS hybrid files in mac


    i have a new mac 1.33 ibook. i have a problem. i need to open a file. it is a program that is split into 3 different CDs. when i opened the files with various ISO programs in a windows machine, and the mac files only showed up in one of the programs. the problem is, i would normally mount the image with a program like daemon tools in windows.

    for each CD, there is a .bin and .cue file. the files show up as iso/hfs hybrid files in iso extracting programs for windows. im wondering if i there is a program that can extrac the files i need from the .bin files, or what i can do to properly burn them.

    i know thats a lot, but hopefully someone out there can help me. thanks a lot again :doctor:

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    bump? :-/

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    try UnRarX

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