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    Starting OS9 from OSX
    Hello everyone, brand-new to the forum and have been stuck on a problem with my new Powermac G4. My friend gave my a program to try out but his Mac runs OS9 and mine in OSX. I was told that my Mac will run in both, but when I load in the cd it starts a thing called "classic mac" or something. Is that OS9? Because if I try to start the program it says that this program is not compatible with "classic osx". Is there anyway to start up my Mac in OS9 so that I can open the porgram? If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. Thanks,

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    Starting OS9 from OSX
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    Classic Mac is OS 9.

    What is the files extention? (The last 3 characters on the end of the file that follow after the period.)

    If the extention is hidden, Ctrl-Click the file and selct "Get Info" then select Name and Extentions.


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    Skad, thanks for the repy...I got working now. I guess I had to go to system preferences and switch the start-up disk to OS9. Everything is working fine. Thanks much,

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