Hey guys, I have a Mac Pro (2) 2.8 Ghz Quad Core Processors, 6gb RAM, and I am looking to Bootcamp on it. I have a copy of windows and I am ready to start but I have a few questions.
1- Performance Wise which would be better putting a partition on my 750GB with my Mac OS or buying another HD to install windows on.
2- I want to use parallels but was wondering if I DO put windows on another HD can i still access it from parallel thats it installed on the main HD that is running OS 10.5
3- If I end up deciding to go into getting another HD am i able to move everything over to the new HD or how would i go about doing that.
4- If I have parallels am I still able to boot up into windows only?
5- When it comes to files transfers and stuff if im running parallels or even having both hard drives, will I be able to open any files from each hard drive even if they were saved on a different operating system.