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    No more IE for Mac ?
    Well I just read in Mac Addict that Internet Exploror wont be supported for Mac anymore, well I was going to buy a mac but if IE wont be supported not sure if my ISP can support it, What web Browser will be supported after IE is gone? Thanks for your Help.... :confused:
    I just read ..bear with me im new to OS X I guess Sarfari is the defualt browser, hopefuly it will work for my ISp I have a cable modem its "InsightBB". IF any one can help me that would be great.
    I called the tech support for my isp they were like Mac what?
    Oh ya havent seen one of those in a long while, Ya Ya just answer my question. They said you can still download IE for Mac, I said yes but its isnt going to be supported I was just tryign to find out If "SAFARI" which at that ponit i didnt know what browser mac uses, they said most browsers will work so im in the dark, If it dosent work ill have to go dial up YUCK!!!!! i doubt that will happen but hey if any of you hear or know anything let me know thanks a bunch Milton

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    No more IE for MAC?
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    It's not being developed for PC anymore either. IE is no more. Yay!
    Safari should be fine.
    You will love your "Mac". Not MAC

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    Any ISP can be used in conjunction with any browser. The two are completely independant of each other. In fact, any ISP can be used with any OS, as far as I know. You could well port AtheOS to a MIPS workstation and have the thing online. How's THAT for obscurity and being in the dark?

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    Cool had me worried there for a Sec..... I was about to just call it quits with computers forever...

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    No more IE for MAC?
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    Yeah what nko said.. your ISP is just connecting you to the net.. how you surf it is up to you

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