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    Harddrive suddenly full
    Ok so I noticed the other day my harddrive was fuller than normal so I deleted some things to clean up some space. I had my laptop off for 2 days and when I went to turn it on today it was running really slow and when I opened the finder it told me I had zero space left on my harddrive. I deleted a movie I had and it clear up that space. I closed it and brought it to my girlfriends house to continue to work on it and the hard drive magically reappeared back to normal? Any ideas why this would've happend?

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    So I did end up what was the problem incase someone has this problem and stumbles on this. In my case whenever I ran the beta of utorrent for osx it would take up hard drive space instead of ram and would slowly go back to normal after closing. Needless to say I got rid of that. So check if theres a new program your running.

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