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    Windows to Mac basics
    1) In windows, you can view all events by using the event viewer. It will show you any warnings, errors, info about the OS, drivers, apps etc. Where is this in OSX? (I think it might be the kernel panic thingy, but how do I access that?)

    2) In most laptops, the harddrive activity light shows when the HD is being used. How do I know with the macbook Pro? There is no indicator lights?

    3) In windows, I use foobar to stream music over the network. When I use Itunes, it starts copying all the files FROM the network share before playing them. So, is there a better player that doesn't do this or can Itunes be configured to do this?

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    Windows to Mac basics

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    1. The Console application will display the system log files

    2. No, there's no activity light. There are Dashboard widgets that will show disk activity (as does the Activity Monitor) but imost people don't care and shouldn't.

    3. There's a Preferences option that lets you specify whether music files should be copied to the Library or not.

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