My mum recently bought OS X 10.3 Panther and installed it on her iMac. She wants to giveOS X 10.2 Jaguar to my sister who has an iMac G3. I know it'll run 10.2 fine but there's a slightly different query she's got.

When I installed 10.3 it asked for a registration key to install it. When I installed 10.2 ages ago from the CDs that came with the machine there was no registration key.

What we're interested to know is will the install CDs for 10.2 install ok on my sister's G3 or will they be configured for my mum's G4? I'm not sure if it matters but my mum's G4 is the dome-shaped machine with the widescreen TFT monitor on an arm and my sister's machine is the all-in-one unit.

Many thanks.