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    OS 10.4.11 Mistake/Need help
    I have been running 10.4 and I was cloning some software onto the drive and a buddy said I needed to copy an applications folder to get the program I needed to copy. As soon as I did that, the system said an error was detected and shut down. When I hook the 10.4 disk to my computer I get the blue start up screen. It runs the progress bar completely and then dumps me into a black screen.
    I do not have a DVD drive to do a repair from my 10.4 disk and was wondering how I might save the 10.4 system. I am currently running 10.3.9 and can slave the 10.4 disk and view its contents and delete info. if needed. I am using a Power Mac G3 system.
    Any advice?

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    OS 10.4.11    Mistake/Need help
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    At the very least you will need a retail version of the installed operating system, Panther or Tiger that you had installed first on the G3. Without the start up cd/dvd you may be toast.

    If you have the discs, perhaps installing another HD as your new OS hard drive will allow you to reinstall the desired OS and then bring the older drive back online and see what you can salvage. I have done this in the past by pulling the power feed to the HD and adding a new HD into the chain and starting from the OS disc, reformat and install. After the restart the HD will be the startup disk I believe. Make sure if you do this you understand about making a drive a slave versus a master or you just get things even further into the mud.

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