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    Installing 10.5 without access to DVD drive or a working screen!?
    This is a rather annoying problem I have.
    I have some software which runs with limited or no functionality on Tiger, so I decide to upgrade to Leopard.
    I already had the retail disk (which would work I think) and all, though the problem is, I have not got a working DVD drive, so I have no idea how to partition the internal drive.
    I have a MP3 on 2GB, and a SanDisk Cruizer on 4, so I doubt I can transfer to my Cruizer?
    Here is an article I try to follow:
    Installing Leopard From DMG gWHIZ
    I made a DMG on a friends Mac.

    I would like to partition the drive internally, but the partitions seem locked.
    In Windows I know that there is a program which applies the partitions upon bootup, and changes can be made within windows.
    On Linux we have GParted, which allow partition editing, resizing etc.
    Disk Utility doesn't seem to have any of this, plus I need a combo of both if I'd like to install.
    Please don't tell me to buy an external DVD as I cannot afford that anytime soon.

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    Installing 10.5 without access to DVD drive or a working screen!?
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    Go back to your friends mac, and with a Firewire cable you can install on to your mac from his DVD equipped Mac using Target disk mode

    Just a note of caution, if you can get your mac in to target disk mode, and you have an external as well, use SuperDuper to clone your macs tiger install in case the Leopard install does not work
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