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    Smile Any alternative of VSS for MAC..?
    Hi Friends..

    I have been working on windows and now been asked to move in to MAC software development.. I know there is an application in windows, VSS (Virtual source safe) that allows more people to work on the same project simultaneously but only one file per user.. Is there any alternative for this in MAC..? Any help and support would be greatly appreciated in advance..


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    I thought it was visual source safe, anway I am assuming you have heard of svn(subversion) if you haven't its easy enough to setup and there are several guis for this if needed.

    I also know someone who used to use VSS and now prefers svn. I have used it for single user projects. It is very expandable unlike VSS the networking stuff on that just fell over all the time.

    If the company has a server they might setup the server for you making backup easy

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    Smile Thanks a lot Ben.. :)
    Hi Ben..

    Thank u for ur response... And thanks a lot for mentioning abt SVN.. I also found another alternative, CVS (Concurrent versions system)...

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    cvs is the old svn

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