I'm an old PC user with a new iMac which I'm loving BUT - the 'home' key and 'end' key on the iMac is driving me nuts. I do a ton of typing on my computer and i am accustomed to hitting the 'home' key and 'end' key to get to the beginning and end of a line. On the iMac, the 'end' key takes me to the bottom of the document and I don't yet know what the 'home' key does in a text dowument. To get to the end of a line in the iMac, I have to hit 2 keys.

When I'm editing text, i have to do this very often and using 2 or more keys for this function is a real pain. Is there any way to set the 'home' and 'end' keys on the iMac to go to the beginning or end of the current line? I end up going back to the PC for any text work and I'd rather use this machine.