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    panther install issue

    So i'm booting Panther from CD, i get to the login type window... it says "preparing installation..." and the blue and white bar is going accross the screen, it keeps doing this and never changes, does anyone have an explination?

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    panther install issue
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    i've got the latest firmware. I have a 6 Gig HD, i installed it on that with no problems. then i upgraded the RAM and HD, i got into the install then the CD drive broke... i got another CD drive that it'll boot from but it won't install for some reason, even if i just have the old 6 gig or just the new 80 Gig...

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    another question... why can't i do disc restore, i want to restore the new big hard drive with the 6 gig one with OS X installed, however after it starts it says i need to restart my computer

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