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    Question about HD replacement and TC restoring.
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    Question Question about HD replacement and TC restoring.
    I will be upgrading the hard drive in my mac and thought after I put the new (larger) hard drive in the computer I could just boot from my Leopard disc and restore from Time Machine. Easy enough.

    I have one question about this.
    If I choose to restore will my system utilize all the space of the new hard drive or will the system just assume it is the same size as the old drive?

    In Windows typically when I clone a drive I have the option to put the image back using the old drive size or expand the image over the whole drive so I have all the new drives space. Does someone know how this works in Leopard with Time Machine restores? I have never had to do a full restore from TC before.
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    Question about HD replacement and TC restoring.
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    I'm guessing it will use all the space in your new hard drive, I had an 80GB in my Macbook and i plugged a 250GB externaly and did a CarbonCopy clone to that new disc and worked great, it used the whole space, it didn't format the new disc as an 80GB.
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