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    Safari redirects me to sites

    Today I started getting redirected to this site without clicking on links. I'll just be sitting there and the website

    Is this some kind of new Mac trojan?

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    Safari redirects me to sites

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    I'm getting it's coming from Myspace. If I close that window, it stops. Very aggravating!

    There's a post about this in the 'switcher's area' too...

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    Safari redirects me to sites
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    Have you tried resetting Safari and repairing permissions?


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    See my note on the possible OSX.RSPlug.A trojan you have here in this thread, at the end:
    (or just search "OSX.RSPlug.A" and find this thread. It's an easy fix if that's really your problem.)

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    What do you mean by repairing permissions?
    This is happening to me too. When I click on a google link I get redirected to some other site instead of the one in the link. I have to go back one page and then click it again before it goes to the correct page.
    And when I click a link on a website, more often than not I get redirected to an advertisment page or I get taken into google where the search results field has already been filled in.

    I dunno what to do.

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