Hello all,

I have 3 mac machines in a Windows 2003 server environment along with 50 other Windows XP machines in our domain.

One of the users in one of the Macs recently deleted what I am told as the personal account. He had 2 accounts. I am told these 2 are Administrator accounts.

Now, I cannot connect to this machine from the other 2 unless I use the name/password of the other machines. This machine's name/ID/login has been erased? I am guessing.

I specialize only in Intel/Windows machines and this is all too unfamilar to me. However, using the Terminal and the Network Utility in the troublestricken Mac, I can ping the servers. So I don't think there is a network problem here. I checked Active Directory and all is well. There is no disconnect.

So, I am making a educated guess that the problem is localized to the Mac in question.

Basically, when one of the accounts was deleted, some settings got changed/disabled. And the problem is that I cannot see the other 2 Macs' HDD from the stricken Mac.

HOWEVER, I can see the other Macs' HDD IF I am using the other Macs' ID. If I try to sign in with the striken-Mac's ID, then the the Connection Failed error message comes up with the text:

Unknown user, incorrect password, or login is disabled. Please retype the name and password or contact the server's administrator.

I hope I explained well. This is my first time troubleshooting with Macs. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.

Regards and much thanks.