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    Unhappy Printer Problems in OS X
    I have a user that is having difficulties printing in OS X Jaguar. She has a HP Deskjet 1220C that is hooked up via USB.

    This is the error message I'm reporting:

    Printing of jobs for this printer has stopped. Do you want to continue and restart the printing of jobs?

    (Add to queue) (Cancel) (Continue)

    The job stops printing and gets stored in the queue. I tried turning on Printer Sharing in the System Preferences -> Sharing. I've downloaded the latest drivers from HP and I've double checked the USB cable/connections. If any one could help me I'd be most greatful.

    Thank you.

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    Printer Problems in OS X
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    Check under /Applications/Utilities for Print Center. See if theres anything you need to configure for the printer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacAddikt
    Check under /Applications/Utilities for Print Center. See if theres anything you need to configure for the printer.
    The printer is visible under Print Center. And sans selecting the printer and location, there isn't much more I can do from there is there?

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    Printer Problems in OS X
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    Re-add the printer to the print center.

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    Go to the HP web site and download the OSX patch. I had the same problem, it worked for me.

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