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    Programming on Mac
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    Programming on Mac
    Hi Everyone,
    I just recently got my first Apple, a Macbook Pro. I am used to programming through linux shell, so I was wondering if my Macbook has any built in compilers such as g++ or gcc? I am totally new to macs, so any info would be very useful.


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    Programming on Mac
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    It sure does, and it even has X11. See your Install DVD, and scroll down to the Optional Installs area. You should be able to get both gcc and X11 there.

    I have personally done lots of (a souped up bash shell) programming using this stuff. I basically ported several of my Linux xterm/console apps over to Mac for Terminal. See my web site,, and check out the Mac OS X page.

    BTW, Welcome to Mac Forums Chris3D!!
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    Programming on Mac

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    Just to add that gcc is installed as part of the XCode package install.

    It is best to do the complete install to get all the libraries and then if you need the space delete the examples and any other stuf you don't need.

    After the XCode install everything will be in a Developer folder in the root of your main harddrive partition (i.e the system disk).

    You don't need X11 if you are coding for OS X but it may come in handy if you want to build/run any Linux Open Source Applications.


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