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    Question How to resolve 'Access to Control' message
    I have a shell script which I run in as a LaunchDaemon. It comes up with the following dialog.

    Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 12.29.07 PM.png

    Usually when I see this, I click OK and I grant access to the app. However, in this case it seems you can't grant access to a shell script or if you can, at least I can't figure out how.

    How do I resolve this? And yes, I wrote the shell script and I do want to grant permission to do what it is trying to do.

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    Apple made changes to AppleScript events in Mojave, so running an osascript from within a Bash script will now trigger this dialog, just as though you were running an AppleScript. In System Preferences : Security & Privacy : Privacy tab : Accessibility, click the + button, and add /usr/bin/osascript to the list.

    When you click the + symbol, you will get a typical File Chooser. Press shift+command+G and in the Go To Folder dialog, enter /usr/bin/osascript and then click GO. You will see this application highlighted in a window of other executables. Click Open, and it will be added to the list in the preceding paragraph.

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    Thanks for reporting back the solution, that should help others.

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