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    xcode update not fully recognised
    My Mac was running Xcode 8.2 Build 8c38
    I needed to upgrade the ios SDK to 11.0 which needed Xcode 9.0 or later
    In order to install Xcode 9, I needed to upgrade from El Capitan to High Sierra
    I did that. I am now running High Sierra v 10.13.6
    I downloaded, unzipped and installed Xcode 9
    If I run up Xcode, it reports v9.4.1 (9F2000)
    However, if I enter xcodebuild - version in a terminal, it still reports 8.2 and
    my Xamarin IOS project is still using iOS 10.2 SDK from Xcode 8
    How come the mac is confused about which version of Xcode is installed and how
    do i get it to recognise that Xcode 9.4.1 is installed?


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    You don't unzip Xcode. Rather you install it from the App Store. The latest version is 10.0 (10A255) and have you run xcode-select to get the command line tools installed?

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    Thanks for the reply

    Well, when I say unzip, I downloaded Xcode_9.4.1.xip (can't even recall from where now) and opened the archive. I ended up with an instance of Xcode 9.4.1 but not one which seemed to be recognised.
    I didn't run installing it now
    I am also currently updating Xcode to 10 from the AppStore to see if that is better

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    You definitely should not be downloading these apps from random places, only from the app store.

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    Understood - my recollection is that I got the Xcode_9.4.1.xip from an Apple site but no matter, installing the Xcode 10 upate from the AppStore has worked.
    Thanks for your input.

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    Excellent, glad you are back in business!

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