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    Unhappy Flash player issue with Safari browser
    I have scenario here : I am running my flex application in my Mac 10.8 machine with Flash player 12 on Safari browser . I have a registration screen and it is validating various fields in it and when I hit Continue button it is not navigating to the next screen even if all the fields are validated. This registration form is a Popup. Can any body help me with this?

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    You might consider asking the moderators to move this to the developer subforums, I'm not sure you'll get an answer in this forum as this is more of a development question.

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    Thanks for your tip.
    Where do I request that?

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    I have reposted it under
    Mac Forums > Developer Playground > OS X - Development and Darwin >

    So, I guess that will help me!

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    Flash player issue with Safari browser
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    Could anyone please move my thread to the Developer forum then?

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    Oh Thanks .. Now I am under the developer forum.
    Can anybody please help me with this

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    Flash player issue with Safari browser
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    Have you tried debugging it? If you debug, you should see the output of any issues in the Console window at the bottom.
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