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Thread: Go-Mono for Mac

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    Go-Mono for Mac

    Has anyone installed and used Go-Mono for Mac? It is a server type program that allows you to test scripts like ASP on your Mac since ASP is a Windows thing. I was just wondering if anyone had any feedback on it before I downloaded it and tried it myself.

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    It works great! ; and its much more than a "server" infact it isnt a server, it uses Apache.... It allows you to create anything you could on the .NET framework, including windows forms, you can create actual windows applications on the mac. It also allows you to create ASP.NET programs using C#/VB.NET/JS.NET it does not allow you to create ASP (VBSCRIPT) web apps. ASP is a dead language, ASP.NET is not a language but a framework.... Give it a try, its very neat, you do need X11 installed but I am sure you already do.

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