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    C dynamic libraries with mac os x
    I'm a new mac user (I'm actually more used to work under unix, even though I'm far from being an expert).
    I would like to export some programs developped under linux to my mac, and I'm facing some problems.
    The problem itself seems rather simple...but since I don't have any background knowledge about how mac works, the task is not (at least for me :-) ) that easy.
    In brief I want to create a shared libraries from c files.

    For instance if I consider 2 C files in linux, I create the library by :
    - gcc -fPIC -c prog1.c
    - gcc -fPIC -c prog2.c
    - gcc -shared -o prog1.o prog2.o
    Then I just need to include in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and the headers prog1.h and prog2.h in my PATH.

    The problem with mac os X is that the -shared option can't be used...
    I guess the process is rather simple but I think I'll appreciate some help (please!!!!!).

    Thanks to the people who'll read this until the end...and thanks a lot to those who'll accept helping me!


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    piedro, you need to be using ``libtool -dynamic'' to build the .so files.

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