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    .MAC Email Account....Is it worth it???

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    .MAC Email Account....Is it worth it???
    Is .Mac Email really worth the money???? I use Firefox and have been considering the switch, maybe im mad

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    I have a .mac account, but I won't be renewing it.
    Googlemail is a better solution for Email.
    The online backup is nice, but I can lose that.
    I don't have any other macs, so the backtomymac sync is of no use to me.
    The online website/picture/movie gallery features are nice, especially if you use iWeb. But the uploading is so slow that I have now gone elsewhere for my web hosting.
    So overall, if you want a simple all-in-one solution, then it's not bad. But for me, it ain't working.

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    Just the opposite here. If you need a desktop and a laptop there is nothing better for syncing email, calendars, address books, bookmarks, backup, public folder, etc. Especially if you need that info on the run and can't get an wireless connection, then accounts like gmail et. al. fall down.

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