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    WD Anywhere Backup UNINSTALL
    Hi all,

    I have Leopard on a Mac Pro and installed "WD Anywhere Backup" software for my WD Mybook External 1TB drive.

    I realized about 10 minutes into using it that I don't like this software and can't uninstall it.

    I've done a spotlight search throughout the system for:

    "WD Anywhere Backup" (the software name)
    "WDMemeoAgent" (the name of the process sitting at user level)
    "WDMemeod" (The name of process sitting at root level)

    I've also checked User Startup Items and to no avail.

    Any suggestions or leads would be appreciated. It keeps reloading itself everytime I reboot!!!

    Thanks in advance,


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    WD Anywhere Backup UNINSTALL

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    trinity give Western Digital Online Forums a try and see what they can come up with. Here is a link:-

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    Problem solved!
    I had a similar problem - couldn't remove the program in its entirety from the system... it was making me quite the passive aggressive...

    The following locations should give you enough folders to delete to get rid of the rest of the program. Although the names and folder structure may be slightly different as the below is for their overarching application LifeAgent - you should be able to remove all the offending traces of WD Anywhere Backup with a little common sense...

    1 /Applications/Memeo LifeAgent
    2 /Library/Application Support/Memeo/Memeo LifeAgent
    3 /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Memeo/Memeo LifeAgent
    4 /Library/Receipts/Memeo LifeAgent.pkg

    FYI - The staff at Memeo were extremely helpful and quick to respond so snaps to them for having a good customer service team at least

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    Hey Thanks for the tips!!! Your locations were correct although I'm still a bit confused as to why all those folder names and file names were omitted from the spotlight search?

    That would be interesting to find out if anybody has an idea as to why.

    Thanks again!

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    WD Anywhere Backup UNINSTALL
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    I had the same problem, I delated the stuff from the External HD itself but it still left MemeoAgent running. I just happened to re-install Leopard so it went away lol.

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    I had the same problem, but in my Leopard system the WD Anywhere Backup software was installed in slightly different locations as those described by brazilianaire. I didn't have a Memeo LifeAgent in /Applications/ but instead I found a /WD Anywhere Backup/ map there which contained three files: "Read Me.rtfd", "WD Anywhere Backup" (application) and "WD Anywhere Backup Uninstaller" !
    When I started the "Uninstaller" the "WD Anywhere Backup" was removed within a few seconds.

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    WD anywhere software troubles
    Thanks to brazilianaire (post on 1-21-08) I was able to get rid of the "WD anywhere backup" icon from my menubar. After repeated calls to Western Digital and to Applecare I was ready to give up. I am glad I checked this forum. I followed Brazilianaire's list of 'Memeo' items and was able to get rid of the menubar icon. First tie in many yrs that visiting a forum paid off big time. Thanks againg Brazilianaire for doing the research.

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    Smartware App Delete intead of Uninstall
    I just bought and subsequently returned a WD My Book Essential, which was running WD Smartware. I was dissatisfied with the product and decided to return it, but made the mistake of only deleting the WD Smartware instead of uninstalling.

    Now that I've returned the drive and don't have access to the Smartware application, (and I can't just click on it and click uninstall,) I am trying to figure out how to rid my computer of all the remaining software since I didn't fully uninstall.

    I read above about going onto the /Library and deleting from there, which I have tried, but when I tried to empty the trash, it wasn't allowed because the software is "in use." I'm not running WD Smartware currently, nor could I since the application itself it technically deleted.

    Any ideas on how to get this stuff off my Mac?

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    How to remove the western digital background service.
    Hello all,
    I have been trying to figure out how to get the WD background service of my computer for over two months now and finally figured it out!

    Go to system prefs, accounts, then under accounts select login items in the main menu bar.

    Here you will see all your background services that are running, and should see at least two that are related to western digital. I forget what they are called because I already deleted them from my system.

    You will notice that it will not let you remove some services via the + and - at the bottom. I'm not sure why, but the work around is to Control click on any one of the services that you want to remove (memo_agent might be one of them), which will give you a reveal in finder option. Once you do this, it will show you where on your computer the software is hiding out. Simply delete the revealed service/software and that is it! Be careful to only delete services that you are sure are related to the WD background service. I'm pretty sure all of them are mentioned in this thread somewhere.

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    WD Anywhere Icon - delete: WDMemeoAgent

    my solution: delete: Library / Application support / memeo / WD Anywhrer Backup / Agents/ WDMemeoAgent

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    I just created an account, because this thread helped me out and there was some additional stuff I had to do to get this dumb *** program of my mac.

    Do the above and surf through those directories and delete all that Memeo crap

    If you can't empty your trash because the process is running, do this;


    in the command line type this

    pf -ef |grep WD

    this will find the agent running

    next find the UID for the process and type

    kill -9 UID (this number will differ on everyone's mac)

    now all that's left to do is empty your trash

    BOOM done

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    Could not get that command to work in terminal...I'm dying to get this stupid icon off my menubar is there ANYTHING else we can try or did someone have success yet? Thanks

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    Smile Uninstall program
    When I looked at my "applications" folder on my MAC, there was a folder for WD Anywhere Backup that contains a file called "WD Anywhere Backup Uninstaller". I ran this and it removed everything in about 3 seconds. I was using version 2.5 (127). I also had lots of problems with the backup software and finally decided to just use Time Machine.

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    Smile Used Activity Monitor to successfully force quit
    Quote Originally Posted by casetay View Post
    Could not get that command to work in terminal...I'm dying to get this stupid icon off my menubar is there ANYTHING else we can try or did someone have success yet? Thanks
    Hi there: I used the Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor) to force quit the WD software that was running in the background and it removed it from the menu bar. Then trashed and deleted all the files and folders as described above and voila... all gone.

    This thread was so helpful that I just joined this forum. Thanks to all!

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    Thumbs up Thank you!
    I too joined this forum because of the helpful advice on this message. Hallelujah! I am finally rid of that retched icon on the top of my mac. The activity monitor was very helpful to shut her down.

    Thanks again.

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