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Thread: Image viewer

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    Image viewer

    Let's say someone you know has a CD full of pictures from last night's Halloween party. He just wants to show them off to anyone in the office. You don't want to import them into iPhoto because they're not yours and it would take too long, the people are already impatient.

    You just want to click the first one on the disk have it display, shrunk or expanded to fit the window. Lots of them are portrait so you need to rotate them, but when you rotate them you also want them to shrink or expand to fit the window.

    There's tons of pics and they're large files so you don't want to select them all just to view them in sequence. You want to start from any one of them on the disk and go from there.

    You want to use a mouse for everything.

    What program do you use?

    Xee and Preview do everything fairly well except when you rotate the pic it doesn't re-shrink or re-expand to fit the window. If preview's slideshow could rotate you'd be home free.

    Oh, and you're on Leopard.
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    Image viewer

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    iview media pro ?

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    Image viewer
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    So far, xee is the best I have seen in this space. I agree, it is not perfect, but it may be as close as you are going to get (at least in its price range!!).
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