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    Removing icons from desktop
    Apologies, still getting to grips with this mac mullarkey. I downloaded Realplayer to listen to BBC stuff - all works great, but there's now a 'Realplayer' icon on my desktop, which I don't want. I made the mistake of dragging it to Trash, which just got rid of the plug-in!! Downloaded it again, so how do I just shift the icon without losing the application?? I can drag it to the dock, but it still leaves the desktop icon.

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    Removing icons from desktop

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    If you did all things the right way, it would have been like this:
    Download real.dmg
    Double click it, and it mounts an image on your desktop (looks like a pen drive is connected)
    drag the to your applications folder.
    Eject the image (Command + E or drag the image to trash)
    Then run the from your applications folder.

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