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    Removing a HDD Image from the Desktop

    I have Bootcamp installed so my HDD is in two parts, both have links to them on my Mac Desktop.

    The Bootcamp one is named "untitled", can I remove it from the Desktop as I have no use for it there seen as Mac cannot write to it.

    Thanks Jake

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    Removing a HDD Image from the Desktop
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    The only way I know to remove the HD icons is Finder>Preferences, uncheck "Hard disks" under "show these items on the desktop." I don't use bootcamp, but I'm gonna guess unchecking the box hides all HD icons.
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    Removing a HDD Image from the Desktop

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    One way is to add a dot/period at the beginning of the name of the drive you want to hide.
    (In Mac OS X, files/folders starting with a "." will be hidden.)

    That's what my friend did.

    I also believe he had to rename it from Windows, as it cannot be done in Mac OS X.

    Not sure about that; try it out yourself.
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    Thanks for both of those.

    I have hidden all HDD because I never really need to access the mac HDD from its root.

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